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Core Emergency Response Self Defense
  Engineered from more than 10 martial art systems stemming from Aikido to JKD to Jiu-Jitsu to Muay Thai to Kung Fu and Military Combat Arts…. We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive Self-Defense programs for every non-martial artist and experts at all ages and levels.

For those seeking to learn effective Self-Defense without spending years learning martial arts this is your ideal program. Those who currently are instructors of martial arts and self-defense already, you are welcome to learn the different variations of what CCU offers. One will learn street-wise techniques and realistic scenarios of what happens during typical attacks such as arm grabs, pushes and pulls, choke holds, head-locks, bear hugs and even hair pulls. Simulations of abusive situations are explained in detailed from psychological, mental, physical and technical applications. All techniques and movements are short and simple with “Zero” or minimal muscular use in less than 5 moves to effectively disable the attacker; therefore, they are very easy to learn and remember.

The Self-Defense class is one of our most popular program with over 3,000 students between ages 2 and 82 so far. Participant of this program whether they are a current student or martial arts instructor are encouraged to continue practicing the techniques until they are confident in the execution along with sharing the program in their schools, with family, and friends.

If you would like to purchase the step-by-step training DVD with over 40 techniques and variations or to host a Core Self-Defense seminar at your school please contact us via e-mail with your contact details.
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