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Police, Security Training, & Friendly Control
  Often that a police or security officer reaches for his or her weapon as this is their primary response and sense of security; however, in many cases the officer may not have sufficient time to draw the weapon due to close-range situations. Students in this program will learn extensive open-hands techniques, joint locking, footwork manipulations, sweeps and takedowns with minimum effort and maximum effect. In many scenarios of the program, the techniques are designed to stop attackers effectively without having to draw your weapon. Police and Security officers can benefit from such modified empty hands combat techniques for control while using minimal force to seize, control and arrest an attacker. Consequently, with the proper combination of empty hands use, the officer can effective retreat and draw the weapon safely.

Students will also learn Self-Defense as well as knife and weapons defense due to nature of more aggressive cases of attacks. The Self-Defense techniques will be taught more in-depth leading to arrest and control. Defense against knife/weapon techniques and logic will base more on evasive maneuvers or disarms and gaining control pending on student work requirements.

Friendly Control
For special cases, we have carefully modified techniques to minimize or eliminate harms done to either party in confrontational situations. We emphasize the principle of “evasive maneuvers and entry” with minimal or non-defensive actions to eliminate the risk of injuring the parties involved, while using “quick recovery and control” to effectively apprehend the attacker. These principles and techniques are taught for both individual and team control.

Institutions and organizations looking for a friendly, safe, and effective control program with techniques that are easily applied yet harmless to the offender then please inquire and explain to us your specific needs. CCU will provide free consultation for your unique requirements and recommend appropriate solutions.
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